Monday 20 March 2017

The Schools Spectacular dance rehearsal today was nothing like I’d imagined. There were about ten different schools there and the children have to learn seven different dances! There was no way I could have done what they were being asked to do today.

My group was a little bit late because we had to wait for various children, but they were just doing the warm up when we got there so it didn’t much matter. The kids worked so hard though, it started at 9.30 and they went until 1.45, with a short recess and lunch break. They were also rehearsing in a gym that had no airconditioning or even fans, so with the humidity today it was like a sauna in there by the end. The kids I drove had been all giggly and chatty on the way in, but they were so tired on the way home that I don’t think anyone said more than two words.

I took my knitting, and after working at it for most of that time…I came home minus about two and a half inches. I basically messed it up so much and got so confused that the only sensible thing to do was give up and start over. So I ripped it back to the toes and managed to catch the stitches there, and next time I knit I can begin the pattern rows again. I think I kept making mistakes because the man teaching them the dancing was counting all the time, and so I would start counting along with him instead of counting my knit stitches. It was pretty sad to have taken all that time to go backwards in my project though.

Troy had his first day of holidays today, and they emailed him already because someone resigned. Really? You didn’t think to do this LAST WEEK???


One thought on “Monday 20 March 2017

  1. I hope you and Troy have a lovely day tomorrow. Are you still
    Coming to visit the wooden mills… and me and Quinn of course next Monday?

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