Sunday 19 March 2017

Another relaxing sort of weekend day today. It was hot though- I know summer was slow to arrive this season (which I appreciated!) but surely it’s time for some autumn now?

At least it was good for getting some washing dry. I’d fallen a bit behind on folding it up and giving it back to the children…Jericho and Soren had eleven and a half pairs of socks between them on their piles.

No one really did a lot of anything today. I was actually out of bed in time to get pancakes for breakfast, which is a rare Sunday thing for me, but my early(ish) start didn’t translate to much action. After I’d finished breakfast I ran a bath and lay in there reading for probably an hour or more. Then I just went on the computer and chatted with Twilight Girl for ages. Troy cooked a barbecue lunch and then I put a bandaid on my blister and sorted more Trofast and sharpened more pencils. We went over to Steve and Jean’s for a bit in the afternoon and brought home fish and chips for tea. After tea there were baths and laundry and doing the bins and that kind of thing…really exciting stuff!

Tomorrow is Troy’s first day of holidays really, so he can just stay in bed. I, on the other hand, have to get up early! The school is going to be part of the Victorian Schools Spectacular, which is a performance thing, and tomorrow is their first rehearsal session. I have volunteered to drive and take other children, and even though usually no one ever actually needs a ride to these kind of things I have ended up with Jericho and five other children! I’m going to take my knitting and just hang out while they’re doing their thing…should be interesting.


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