Saturday 18 March 2017

I finished crocheting the mermaid tail blanket today. It really is such a ridiculous thing to make, but I do kind of love it. I made an open blanket rather than a cocoon, because I think that’s more practical and I really want the blanket to be loved and used. So the blanket is a really large rectangle, with the bottom edge folded in thirds and stitched together to the fin. It makes for a cosy little spot for feet, and the rest of the blanket can be tucked around the legs if you really want to look like an authentic mermaid. I washed it once it was done, it can dry over tomorrow, and then I can post it on Monday.

A couple of weekends ago, in an effort to be organised, I started sorting through the Trofast tubs that are in the study and I went on with that for a while today. Last time I went through the deep tubs that held all the drawing books and notebooks and colouring books, putting aside some artwork to save and putting all the filled books in the recycling. Today it was the turn of all the things to colour with – in the end I threw out every single texta and crayon, since mostly they didn’t work or were broken or no one actually ever coloured with them anyway. I kept pencils, and sharpened every one before it went back in the tub. So much sharpening that I gave myself a blister on my finger! I have to admit that I couldn’t help thinking that it was rather pointless – Jericho and Nicholai have never liked colouring (I do think being colourblind contributes to finding it a bit unsatisfying!) and Soren seems to have gone off it too. Emma does a lot of drawing, but mostly uses her own pencils. Besides, we have a box of 72 Derwents – why would anyone use the inferior pencils in the Trofast when they could use those?

Troy and I went and did some shopping this morning. A new barbecue cover, a folder to put dvds in, a steering wheel cover for Troy’s car, and some dog food and chicken food. Pretty unexciting. Although the dog food was a grand bargain, we bought one and got six free cans of (matching, fancy) wet food, and we also got a free bag of the food because we’ve bought ten and so that was our reward. Getting a good bargain always makes shopping more interesting!

The kids are all doing pretty well at the moment, although Nicholai dislikes his shaved head and wore a beanie all day, despite the fact it was over 30 degrees.

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