Thursday 16th March 2017

WHY are my children so averse to good personal hygiene? What’s wrong with a bath? And shampoo? I do not understand this!

We had a break from the sunshine today with a bit of rain, but it was still quite warm and so pretty humid. Jericho and Soren went to school, but the three-way conferences were being held at the high school so Nicholai and Emma had the day off. We had wanted to go to the conferences with Nicholai, but usually I would be working on Thursday morning and we have had an orthodontist appointment booked in the afternoon for a while, so it wasn’t going to fit in. As it turns out I didn’t work today, but it was a bit late to book in then.

The orthodontist visit went pretty well. Jericho went for an initial consultation to see if there is something we’ll need to do for his teeth, and it’s not too bad. He does have a narrow upper jaw, and his bottom teeth are sitting a bit far back, so the plan is that he will need an expander that also has an attachment to his bottom teeth that will push his lower jaw forward. However this doesn’t need to be done now- although he is ‘dentally mature’ (he actually only has three baby teeth left, which is apparently very surprising in a ten year old) he’s still got lots of growing to do and so there’s no point in acting now. The orthodontist will check him in six months, but he doesn’t think we’ll do anything for another year.

Emmanuella had photos and moulds taken. I think it’ll be kind of fun to get the new plaster mould and be able to compare it to her original one – her teeth were so bad back then. I was able to make her next two appointments for school holidays, which is good since she’s already missed a lot this term. She’ll have a quick appointment in the first week to put spacers in, and then an hour-long appointment the following week to put all the hardware in. At least she knows what to expect this time, and probably half the kids in her class have braces so she’ll be in good company. I’m slightly anxious about how much this is all going to cost, since they didn’t have that paperwork done, so fingers crossed it’s not too outrageous. (Although our orthodontist drives a Jaguar, just to give you an idea of how much we DO pay him!)

I didn’t work today because I’m going on the school excursion tomorrow and using my hours then. The kids are going to CERES, which I had never heard of before this, but it sounds quite fun. I don’t know, I will probably find it a pretty long day, but it should be interesting. Soren told me I can sit next to him on the bus, so I won’t be a sad no-friends, ha ha ha.

We went shopping this evening to get some school clothes in the 20% off sale. Nicholai needed new school trousers, and after he and Emmanuella had tried on their windcheaters and showed us we needed two new school jumpers as well. So annoying that they wear the same size though! Troy also needed a new pair of pants, so he got them there as well since they were on special. Soren also needed a new pair of school shoes- we got him another pair of boots, since my two youngest sons seem to have a pathological aversion to doing up shoelaces and at least with a pair of boots they’re not tripping over undone laces.


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