Wednesday 15th March 2017

So many things are going on. As the children get older our calendar just seems to fill up so quickly, and there are so many things to remember.

After having Monday off, yesterday was school photos for Jericho, Soren, and I, and then Soren had a hair cut after school (stupid timing, I know).

Today I had craft, and then Jericho had his martial arts group after school, Soren had swimming, and Emmanuella had hockey training. Steve took Soren to swimming like usual, I took Jericho, and Troy came home from work to take Emma. (Nicholai stayed home and gleefully used his devices far beyond the usual time). Jericho has two more weeks of martial arts and then he’ll go to hockey training on Wednesdays as well.

Tomorrow I’m not teaching, but there are the three way conferences at the high school. Emmanuella and Jericho have an orthodontist appointment in the afternoon, and Nicholai has to be taken to buy school pants at some point, since he doesn’t have any and the store is having a one day 20% off sale. (Fingers crossed we ever stop with this endless summer and have cold enough weather to wear these trousers).

Friday I am going on a school excursion with Jericho and Soren, because as part of the culture studies portion of the culture and sustainability place they are going to, they are going to do some batik for Indonesian culture. So all the kids are doing that, and I’m going to just kind of hang out and do the same lesson four times with them I think. We also have to feed Steve and Jean’s animals.

None of this stuff is all that exciting or requires extremes of effort or anything. It’s just what people do. However it is all starting to feel rather constant, and I’m something of a weakling and get tired more easily than most people, so it sometimes feels like a lot.

Emma just came back from hockey training and she won the coaches award last season! I can’t remember why we couldn’t go to the presentation but we didn’t, so they kept it for her until today. What an awesome surprise for her- she really tries so hard at hockey and improved so much year, it’s lovely that she was recognised for all her efforts!


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