Sunday 12 March 2017

Troy and the children are all watching Karate Kid 2. Since tomorrow is Labour day and no one has to go to school or work it doesn’t really matter if they sit up a bit later than normal. It’s nice watching movies together like this, even if Emma and I are actually reading/computing and we keep having to tell Nicholai to be quiet and wait for the next ad break to continue his monologue. I really love the way Soren’s favourite way to watch movies is for Troy to lie on his side on the floor, and then Soren lies along the top of him. He’s eight years old and still such a snuggle bug.

It was a pretty relaxed day in general today. Troy and I went to Costco in the morning, where we managed to spend a lot of money even though we thought it wasn’t a big shop. It’s really just the way it goes at Costco I guess. We were saying today that we don’t think we really save any money by shopping at Costco versus Coles or Woollies, but it’s not more expensive either. The real pluses are the convenience of buying stuff in bulk (milk/ toilet paper/ cleaning supplies/ canned goods/ toiletries especially), the superiority of their bakery items, and that the clothes we’ve bought there (work shirts for Troy, wool jackets, sweaters, socks, sneakers) have been surprisingly good quality for the price.

In the afternoon Troy trimmed all the bushes in the front and back yards and then took all the offcuts over to his parents’ house for the burning heap. I did the vacuuming, which I wouldn’t normally do on a weekend but I couldn’t deal with the crap on the carpet for one single moment longer. Besides, they’re all going to be home tomorrow anyway, and that’s when I would have normally done it.

I am slightly concerned about one of Jericho’s guinea pigs now though. He has spent most of the afternoon sitting in one spot with his face half buried in the sawdust, which isn’t really usual behaviour. Jericho got him out and he squealed and tried to run away from him like he always does (this is Charles, and he is the most skittish one), and then he and Amadeus ate some watermelon and played on the little wooden garage that the kids had for their cars when they younger. So I’m hoping that there’s nothing really wrong with him – Jericho’s grief if something happened to one of his guinea pigs doesn’t bear thinking about really.


Jericho and Charles




Charles in his garage apartment


Troy got up and left, so Soren lay on the dog instead.


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