Saturday 11 March 2017

It rained just before, but it hasn’t really cooled down much. While I do appreciate that we’ve just been having this constant string of days on the lower end of hot instead of heatwaves, I’m really ready for some cooler days and nights to start.

Especially since the mermaid tail blanket has grown to rather ungaingly proportions, and having to wrestle with over a metre squared of thick wool blanket really isn’t that much fun in the heat. I am partially reconciled to this though, just because the blanket looks so great! I love the colours and the stitch pattern and the nubby texture of it. I laid out what I’ve done and folded the end over to simulate the decreases I have yet to do and then put the fin in place, and it really is going to be the most beautiful mermaid blanket in the world.

Although I suppose we took advantage of the sunshine today to go to the park for a barbecue lunch. We walked down, then Troy cooked lunch while the kids played on the equipment and I played Pokemon Go, then after lunch I read my book in the shade while Emma went on the swing and Troy and all the boys played basketball. It was pretty lowkey- we took the bare minimum to make lunch and just drank water out of the drinking taps there – but it was really lovely.

Apart from that, it was a pretty ordinary Saturday. Troy and I went out to JB hi-fi in the morning and bought the first two seasons of The Simpsons. I don’t know how long it took, but we have finally finished all six seasons of The Wonder Years (which we watch as a family whenever we have tea in the loungeroom) and so we needed something else. We decided on the Simpsons, because it has come to our attention that the children have actually not seen most of the episodes, and thus don’t really appreciate the endless Simpsons quotes that Troy and I are always throwing around. It was just one of those things, the Simpsons was repeated so constantly for so many years that Troy and I feel like we’ve seen every episode a million times, but the kids were all either very young or not even born when this was happening. So they have never had the opportunity to enjoy all those old classic episodes…we really feel we ought to redress this situation!

Troy and I have been discussing potential life changes over the last couple of days. We’re not planning on taking any action, so it’s all very theoretical right now, but it’s been interesting. I think that our recent focus on Nicholai’s schooling has made us very aware that our kids are getting older, and that we’re going to have to think about how we’ll manage the next stage in our lives. I mean, in two years Jericho will be in high school and the balance will tip towards us being a family of teenagers, and two years after that Nicholai will be at university. Actually, with the accelerated progress of his class he may be looking at doing some university subjects in conjunction with Year 12, so it could be even sooner than that. So while there’s no urgency about it, we really do have to consider what our options are when it comes to making things work for that time.


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