Thursday 9th March 2017

I may struggle a little bit with teaching this year, because the last class I have is the group I have the most trouble with. Ending on a negative note too often is going to be rough.

It didn’t even go too badly today, and I still came home feeling depressed. I spent the next couple of hours looking at real estate and pretending that we’re going to pack everything up and start a new life somewhere else. There were a few places that I really would be interested in, so really it’s kind of a pity that I can’t go inspect.

I picked up Jericho and Soren from school and remembered on the drive home that Emma and Soren were supposed to get their jaws x-rayed this afternoon. Fortunately, remembering this when I did gave me just enough time to toss Jericho out of the car at home and grab Emma, and get to the radiology place. They both had the x-rays done with no trouble, so we’ll take them with us next time we go to the dentist (Soren) or orthodontist (Emma).

Although Jericho is going to the orthodontist appointment next week to get their opinion on what, if anything, we need to do for his mouth, so I’m pretty much expecting that we’ll be back at radiology with another mouthful of teeth to x-ray in another week or so.

I came home to a somewhat hysterical Nicholai, since he had gone from having his homework completely under control (as he assured us earlier in the week) to having a million assignments due tomorrow and no way that he would be able to do it all. Especially because his ipad had apparently just stopped working. It was so frustrating! He was genuinely upset and remorseful, but it’s a bit late for that. And it was a difficult situation because although he clearly wanted us to tell him that it was okay, it didn’t matter, we would help him sort it out…we actually couldn’t say that. Because at this point it DOES matter, and there ISN’T anything we can do about it. He’s the one who has to do the work to fix the problem.

I also spent a bit of the day contemplating the way that if you are not on facebook then you’re kind of a social outcast. It seems to be the only way anyone communicates. So I don’t know, I suppose I either have to get on board with that or give up.

One thought on “Thursday 9th March 2017

  1. If you were properly on facebook, I’d have an extra person to post bollocks at while at work. Do it for me.

    Also, I keep catching new pokemon and now I can’t stop playing the damned game daily and I was so close, Rebecca, SO CLOSE to deleting it from my phone. I hold Emma responsible.

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