Wednesday 8th March 2017

I kind of hate taking Jericho to his martial arts group. I love watching him, and since I basically sit in the corner and catch Pokemon and crochet, it should be lovely. But some of the kids are SO naughty (which is putting it politely) and some of the other parents are kind of awful. I really don’t want to judge them and feel like a bad person for doing so…but today this one guy played a game with the kids beforehand and just spoke to them in a way that kind of horrified me, and then he spent the whole hour sniffing. And not normal, ordinary sniffing either (which frankly wouldn’t even have bothered me), he just kept taking these huge, long, extended breaths in through his nostrils until I was gritting my teeth and wanting to punch him in the face.

Yes, I was literally enraged today by the way someone was breathing.

I think next week I’ll sit on the other side of the room.

Anyway, Jericho had fun and is doing well, which makes it ultimately worthwhile even if it’s kind of excruciating in the moment at times.

Apart from that I did a lot of planning for tomorrow. It’s really the first lesson for the term (since I was away and then talking about my holiday for the previous weeks) so I had to make the template I will use for lesson planning and the term/year planner, as well as doing the actual lesson plans. I also made some Indonesian labels for the tubs that we keep all the kids’ books and stationery in.

The year 9 coordinator rang me today. She’s talked to several of Nicholai’s teacher and they’re all happy with his behaviour and progress. He’s behind in French homework but everything else is apparently up to date. So I suppose that’s that.

I don’t know, I think I do need to trust his teachers and the school that he’s being given an appropriately challenging education, but I’m not entirely convinced. I mean, the school is just so huge – I don’t think the year coordinator I spoke to has even met or spoken to Nicholai ever. It concerns me that any possibility for individual attention/an education plan is just not logistically possible with the reality of managing a school with the population of a small town. And in the end it probably doesn’t matter wheat I think – I don’t think we have any better options available, so this is what we have and it is up to Nicholai to make the best of it.


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