Tuesday 7th March 2017

It was the primary school swimming carnival today, so I spent a big chunk of the day watching kids swim at the pool. It was nice though, there is a huge conifer that gave excellent shade for sitting under, and Jericho and Soren both had a really good day. They went in several events each and had fun, both of them got a couple of winner ribbons and a couple of lower place ones, and were happy with how things went. They do regular swimming races, but they also have tire tube races, and boogie board and kayak and kickboard races too, so it’s pretty inclusive. Our school is the ‘big’ school there, so we’re divided into our four houses, and the other two primary schools that go compete as a whole school team each. Jericho and Soren’s team came equal last, but they were pretty much expecting that – green house isn’t exactly a frequent flyer on the winner’s list.

I bought them straight home from the pool, so they were home early. They were pretty tired, so they spent their afternoon watching Night at the Museum and not doing much else.

I do love that my kids are so smart though. We had a surprisingly in-depth and considered conversation about gender and inequality, and related issues at dinner- they really impress me sometimes, with their thoughtfulness and understanding.

With a bit of googling, and some trial and error, I finally managed to solve the problems I was having in making a video of the Bali dance performance too. I ended up converting all the files and using MovieMaker on the lounge room computer, which has given me good quality video that I can use in class. I don’t know why iMovie is such rubbish. I have to say that despite the fact that I have both an iphone and a mac, I actually don’t find the Apple interface to be all that user friendly. Anyway, making the video wasn’t really all that difficult in the end and probably most people could have done it easily, but I always feel good when I manage to solve something like that by myself.

I’ve got to do my planning tomorrow, and then take Jericho to his martial arts group. I was thinking about doing something on Balinese dance/ drama with the senior room (which is why I wanted to make the video) so I read the books I have on it this afternoon for some inspiration. Although I’m not so much inspired as reconsidering the whole idea- the books are pretty heavy going, and I don’t know how to break it all down for the kids. I’ll look online tomorrow, hopefully I’ll find some good, informative sites pitched at their age group.

The junior grades are going to do something about komodo dragons, since Google informed me the other day that it was the 37th anniversary of the creation of the Komodo National Park. The google doodle was a quiz about komodo dragons, so we’ll do that and then they can do some artwork for me. I really want us to do a lot (in all grades) about Indonesia this year- including a bit of geography and history and cultural studies along with Bahasa.


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