Monday 6th March 2017

I am currently trying to string all the short videos I took of the dance performance in Bali together to make one longer video clip. This is proving somewhat more challenging than I thought. At the moment iMovie is ‘preparing the project’, and in two hours it should be done and I can see if it worked. That is a pretty long time, so I’m really glad I started fiddling about with this today instead of on Wednesday night, right before I teach.

We had an email back from Nicholai’s teacher last night, which was surprisingly quick. He is not actually Year 9 coordinator though, so he passed us along to someone who was, and she rang me this afternoon. It was kind of weird though, she said she read our email and she then she just asked flat out what we wanted the school to do. I don’t know…as I said to her, I don’t KNOW what I want them to do! I don’t even know if there IS something they should do! I really just have a lot of concerns and I would like to get a clearer idea of what is going on with him at school. So she’s going to speak to his teachers over the next couple of days and then get back to me.

His maths teacher did say in his email that Nicholai is one of the top students in his class, and that he does extension questions in class and for homework and Nicholai does those, so I suppose that is good.

I had a good day today. I was mildly productive in the morning, did some computer and crochet, worked on this video, talked a lot about books with Jericho and Soren, and went for a walk with Troy after dinner. We had to get some cash from the ATM, so we walked down the street and then back up through the park. It was lovely, the weather had cooled down enough for it to be nice, and by the time we got back Nicholai and Emma had done the dishes and Jericho and Soren had been reading for half an hour and were ready for bed.

It is one of the things I love about having big kids – I can just leave the house for these tiny errands without even having to think about it. Ducking out to IGA to grab some bread for lunches really does only take a couple of minutes, without having to either coordinate with Troy so that someone is home, or having to shuffle children in and out of out carseats or walk through the supermarket at a toddler pace or deal with a contrary child bent on making things difficult!

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