Sunday 5 March 2017

I can’t believe it’s already March. I have to say that anxiously looking forward to my trip, then being away for two weeks, then taking another two weeks to recover from my trip, has really made the start of the year fly by.

It was a good day today. I was inspired by the possibility of catching a Pikachu in a party hat in Pokemon Go to want to go out, and so Troy and I took all the kids over the Sanctuary for the morning. It was really fun- the kids enjoy looking around anyway, and Emma and the two little boys loved going on a Pokemon walk there. Even Nicholai found things that he felt were worthy of him posting them on his twitter feed (which is really his gauge of how good anything is – if it can’t be posted on twitter he is completely unimpressed with it) and even if I find that obnoxious I was not in a position to argue, playing Pokemon Go as I was. We had a lucky animal day too, and saw some very active koalas and got to tickle the kangaroos under the chin and scratch them behind their ears, so that was pretty cool. It was just really nice to do a family activity that everyone enjoyed and no one moaned about!

I watched some Roseanne episodes and worked on the crocheted mermaid tail blanket this afternoon. I’m up to the awful last season, where practically all the episodes were dreadful, so it’s not as enjoyable as it was, but it was still something to watch while I was crocheting.

The mermaid tail blanket itself is coming along really well. It’s really thick and the shell stitch has made it all nubbly and textured in a way I hadn’t really expected but that I really like. It’s going to be so warm, and the colours are really beautiful. It’s kind of stiffer and scratchier than I like, but it’s 100% machine washable wool and will soften with a wash and some use. Besides, the person I’m making it for lives in New Hampshire – I believe it is cold enough there that a wool blanket will be heartily appreciated, even with a little scratchiness!

I wrote an email to Nicholai’s year coordinator/maths teacher today, and then Troy and I sat him down and gave it to him to read and then had a chat about it. I think it was a good talk – I just really wanted Nicholai to realise that this isn’t simply a criticism of him for not working hard enough. Yes, his effort and his attitude could do with an adjustment, but I am also concerned about what the school is doing for him, and so it’s really a combination of those factors that I want to get some information on and then decide on what, if anything, should be done about it all. Now we just have to wait and see what his teacher.

We did a drive-by of our old Healesville house on the way to the Sanctuary. From the outside they haven’t changed a thing – it’s still the same shitty paint job (only eight years worse I guess) and wooden blinds we left in it. However eight years on the trellis is falling down and all those plants we put in have GROWN…the front yard is full of trees.

















How 90s tv show promo do they look all walking along in a line like this???



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