Saturday 4th March 2017

Nicholai had his last cricket game for the season today. They lost, and to add insult to injury the other team declared, which meant Nicholai’s team batted again and all his carefully calculated batting averages were rendered obsolete. He was not pleased.

Hockey training starts in a week and a half, so we’re not getting much of a break before winter sport starts. It’ll be back to all that driving… Although I think Jericho and Emma should have training on the same night this year, which will help a bit.

I’m wondering if I need to get the doctor to take a look at my hand. While we were in Ubud I slipped on a wet footpath and when I flung my arm out to steady myself, I slammed one of my fingers against a stone wall. (If relevant, this is also the finger I suspected may have been fractured when I fell down the laundry step a few months ago, and which had finally stopped hurting from that.) Anyway, it was extremely painful and I couldn’t really move my finger properly – if I’d been at home I actually would have gone to the ER, but navigating a medical issue in Indonesia just seemed like more trouble than it was worth. So I was pretty careful with it and tried to just ignore it while we were travelling. Until the last night, when I was packing and gave an extra hard shove at stuff in the bag to compact it and caught it on one of my crocs. THAT hurt more than the initial injury to it, my vision went all blurry and I saw stars, it was that bad…but once I could breathe again I realised that, although my finger still hurt, it suddenly had a full range of movement again. So I think I actually had a partly dislocated finger that I managed to jar back into place again. However it’s now two and a half weeks later and it still hurts a lot of the time, even when I’m not doing anything it aches, so I don’t know if maybe they can do something for it. Although I’m slightly hesitant to go and see, because really the only thing they’re likely to do is tape it up and tell me not to use it for a while, which would mean I couldn’t type, crochet or knit, and I wouldn’t like that at all!

Hmm, that was an extremely long and rambling way of saying that I have a sore finger and I don’t really want to do anything about it, but have it magically heal itself.

I started playing Word Cookies on my phone while we were Indonesia, and I have finished the game. Who knew it ended???? How can a game that is just making words out of bunches of letters run out of letters?


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