Wednesday 1st March 2017

Nicholai is really happy about getting to go to Germany. It’s so good to see him honestly looking forward to something.

Although, as is always the way, we’ve committed to finding the money for his trip and now something else expensive has just landed in our lap! Emma had an orthodontist appointment this morning, and she’s going to need a full course of braces. We knew this was the most likely outcome – we did the expansion to give her teeth enough room to come in, and while it was possible that that would be enough and she wouldn’t need any other work it’s not surprising that her teeth require further fixing.

I don’t know what the treatment plan is yet though. I’ve made an appointment for her to have x-rays next week and then we have another appointment with the orthodontist for photos and moulds, and I’ll find out what the deal is then.

I also included Jericho in that next orthodontist appointment. We probably can’t really afford orthodontic work for two of them at once, but we may as well have the consultation and see what the orthodontist thinks. Jericho is only ten, so there won’t be any rush, but it will be good to know what to expect.

I took Jericho to his martial arts group today. He did so well, he really likes it and his behaviour and effort during the class is excellent. Particularly in contrast to some of the other kids in it, who behave horribly. It’s actually really frustrating to see the way those kids who refuse to listen and don’t do the right thing spoil it for the others.

It also infuriates me to see parents who don’t even seem to care that their children are behaving like brats. At one point the instructor asked one kid if he really needed to have everything repeated four times before he followed instructions, and the kid’s mum (who was watching the whole time her kid misbehaved) said, “Oh, that’s just him.” And the kid, who clearly thinks he’s amazing, was just smirking and saying, “Yeah, that’s just me!”

Just…ugh. No. That’s your kid being a brat, and you being too damn lazy to parent him and shape his behaviour. And fine, if that’s what you want, but don’t inflict your brat on the rest of the world and make us put up with him.


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