Thursday 23rd February 2017

Part of getting the nbn has involved getting a new router or modem (or both, or something else, I wasn’t listening that hard) and we have discovered that between computers, ipads, phones and tablets we have eighteen devices connected to our wifi. Eighteen! This seems like an obscene amount. Even considering that we have six people in the house, that’s still three things each!

I taught this morning, which went well. It was just showing them photos of my trip and telling them stories about it, and I did two one-hour sessions with combined classes. This was great for the older kids, but an hour of sitting and listening to me talk was probably a bit much for the younger grades.

We probably only got through half of the photos though. There is just so much that I wanted to tell them!

The kids are all good. Jericho went home to a friend’s house after school, and Troy picked him up when he collected Nicholai from cricket training later. Jericho’s other friend has left the school this year, and even though he and Jericho had some issues last year I know he’s missing him a bit, so it’s good that he and today’s friend are really getting along. Nicholai seems cheerier, and although Emma had some drama at school the other day that has all been settled and she’s pretty happy.

In year eight they all have to do an assignment on a ‘significant person’, and Emma is doing hers on me. Which made me feel kind of amused, kind of embarrassed, and kind of all squishy with love for her! She had to interview me, so she sat me down and asked me some questions that she’s prepared. It was interesting actually, she chose to ask me about working in the shop, about why it took me so long to be a fully registered teacher, about how my bipolar and depression impacted on my work, what made me want to be a teacher, what were some things that I still wanted to achieve in my life, and were there any things in my life that I would have done differently if I could do them over again. I was pretty impressed with how much thought she’d put in to it.

It was funny though, she said she would have to get some photos so she took a photo of my tattoo. Then I said I could show her my favourite pictures of she and I when she was a baby, and I dug up a folder on my computer that has a random assortment of scanned photos in it (since I was still using film back in those days!) and we looked through that. Although she’d seen a lot of those photos of herself, there were also a bunch of scanned photos of me when I was a kid, and of mum and dad and my grandparents. She loved looking at those, and it was really fun laughing at them with her and telling her stories. It’s so interesting to watch the kids as they gradually gain that realisation that their parents are real people who had a full life and history even before they were born.

Although talking about funny, Soren cracked me up today. He was telling me that at school they had to write a letter to their teacher, suggesting something that they felt would improve the school. Soren’s group apparently came up with the idea that all the students should have fun nicknames. I asked him what kind of fun nicknames he had in mind, and he said, “Well, in our group X would be called Waffles, and Y would be called Donut.” I started laughing and asked him what his nickname was, and he said, “I have to be Bagels.”


This is a photo of Lee and I that our found on my computer- it made Emma laugh so hard she had to fan tears away from her eyes. 


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