Wednesday 22 February 2017

I feel like I spent all day driving Jericho around in the car. I took him to school in the morning, then picked him up an hour and a half later and drove him to the lake for kayaking, then drove him back to school, then picked him up from school and drove him to his martial arts group, then drove him over to Healesville so I could collect Soren from the pool (Steve’s car had broken down, so they were stuck), and then drove them both home. It was a lot. However he enjoyed both kayaking and his martial arts group, so it was lovely to see him having such a good day.

All this meant I was hardly at home today, so I’m glad I put my photos together yesterday so I can show them to the kids at school tomorrow. I’ve arranged them in a fairly loose collection of topics, but how I show them and what I talk about will really depend on how the kids are going and how they respond. It should work out fine.


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