Monday 20th February 2017

After having no internet all weekend (kids were thrilled, let me tell you) we now have it back and it’s better. Broadband. It’s finally available here and Troy organised it while I was gone, so it may actually be the end of all my trials with crappy internet. Time will tell.

(But Netflix! We finally have the capability for streaming! And downloading movies from itunes! Of course our finances may not have that capability, but at least there is an option.)

Emma and Nicholai were followed home from the bus stop by a dog today. When they got home it just followed them right on through the door and then bit Luna! What kind of dog does that? Emma put it on a leash and walked it back to the street, where its owner was looking for it. I was on the way home from collecting Jericho and Soren from school when we saw her walking back, so we picked her up and she told us the story. I actually wish I had seen the owner myself- I wouldn’t have gone off at them, but I would have told them that their dog bit ours. It shouldn’t have been out anyway, but if you know your dog is dog-aggressive you should really take extra care. Anyway, Luna was fine, so that was good.

I am back to my usual routine of being an appallingly lazy human being. I don’t know, I know there’s no big secret to motivation beyond me just getting up and doing something, but even though it’s so simple I still seem to have trouble with it.

Although I was working on the crocheted mermaid blanket, so it’s not so much a matter of not doing anything- it’s a matter of not doing the more useful things that I ought to be doing. I’ve crocheted the fin and I’m pretty happy with it, I think it was worth using the pattern for the fancy fin rather than making do with something less nice. It’s the first time I’ve crocheted a blanket in wool- the blanket itself feels a little scratchy, but the wool itself is lovely to work with. I guess it will soften up a bit with washing and usage.

I really need to go and do some more laundry. It never ends, and it seems like every single morning I’m woken up by children coming in to my room to complain that they have no pants/ shorts/ t-shirts/ dresses/ PE gear because they’re all in the wash.

They’ve released second generation pokemon into Pokemon Go. It’s like the game is all new again, and there are new pokemon for the pokedex every time I turn around. I messaged Lee to see if she had updated it and she didn’t even know about it…I felt like I’d given her a present, ha ha ha.


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