Saturday 18th February 2017

The glow of homecoming has worn off. Today was horrid, all cranky kids and a house full of people who didn’t seem to like each other very much.

We still have no internet, which the children accepted as graciously as you would expect them to. It’s not our things that are at fault though, instead it’s a company issue that is apparently going to negatively affect our internet for a while. We don’t expect to have it back before Monday, and then there are further planned outages. So that is going to make life difficult.

Jericho and Soren are having a campout in the backyard tonight. I have no idea what prompted this, but Jericho asked and there was no reason to say no so Troy set up the tent for them. They’ve come inside twice since they went to bed, but it’s been a little while since the last time so I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’re asleep. At least this campout made Jericho happy- he did not have a good day.

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