Wednesday 15th February 2017

I’m back home.

I haven’t really slept since 5.30am on Monday. Time is beginning to lose all meaning.

There was no drama with our flights last night/ today. I didn’t really get to sleep, and in the resulting delirium of exhaustion Alyssa tormented me with her puppet until I laughed so much I choked and then snorted orange juice and pancakes out of my nose in McDonalds. I swear she’s channelling something when she’s moving that creature.

We reached home about 4.30. I had one of the most satisfying showers of my life, and then had to wait for everyone to be at home so I could hand out gifts. I may not have bought Jericho the puppet I had said I would buy for him, but he loved his ‘No prob-llama’ t-shirt and the Indo Lego sets, and Soren was very happy with that too. Nicholai was a little less enthused about his t-shirt, but he was a bit off generally- a change in routine usually does that to him, and Emma and I getting back was enough to throw him off I guess. And Troy laughed and appreciated the Circle-K branded thongs I bought for him, so really it was a very pleasing result.

It’s nice to be home.

I really love Alyssa for my time in Indonesia though. It was a unique and wonderful way to see it, and she was utterly amazing. We spent two weeks together basically 24/7, and I would not hesitate for one moment to do it again. I am so, so grateful to her.


One thought on “Wednesday 15th February 2017

  1. Welcome hooooooome🏠
    I am so glad you had a great time, was the shower better than one after cadet camp??
    I am so proud of you for having such a good time,
    I love you feel free to post more photos, I loved seeing them all
    Love Elle xo

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