Tuesday 14th February 2017- Day #15

I’m fifteen hours into my journey back home, sitting on the floor in the departure lounge at Denpasar airport, feeling incredibly grungy and kind of sorry for the people who will have to sit near me on the flight!

We had to leave by 6am this morning to be sure to be at the Yogya airport in time for our flight, so it was a really early start. Traffic was good though and we got there with lots of time, so there was no stress. I said thank you to Alyssa’s mama and bapak and managed to say that I loved meeting Alyssa’s family (in Indonesian) but I felt like I should have said more- they were so absolutely lovely.

Flight from Yogya to Denpasar was quick and easy- it’s only about an hour. And so pretty, I asked to get the window seat this time since Emma had it on the way over so I got to look at it.

After the early start, we’ve had the laziest day imaginable, just loafing about the airport until our flight leaves at 10.30pm or something. We ate a lot of junk, bought more books at the bookshop and then had to rearrange and repack our luggage to fit it all in, watched some Degrassi, played a LOT of Pokemon Go, played on our phones (we’re all playing Word Cookies and Word Cats), played with Alyssa’s puppet (she has some serious puppeteering skills, trust me), played an Indonesian board game thing, and laughed ourselves sick over stupid stuff…we’re all REALLY tired.

I am so ready to be at home.




One thought on “Tuesday 14th February 2017- Day #15

  1. Safe travels back home. I’m so glad you had a good time. Enjoy seeing the boys and being home. Emma did amazing, what a special daughter she is and what a great friend Alyssa is too.
    Thanks for sharing your holiday, I loved reading and seeing the pics xoxoxo

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