Monday 13th February 2017- Day 14

It was our last day today. Now I’ve got two big backpacks stuffed to capacity, two carryon bags that are pretty full, and a bunch of miscellaneous things that need to be jammed into the bags in the morning.

It should all work out.

We went and did a batik workshop today. It was mortifying- mine was a blobby disaster, and Emma and Alyssa’s were lovely. However it was also pretty fun, and completely reinforced my opinion that doing batik requires great skill! I’d love to try it again one day though.

From the batik museum we walked to a mall for some sustenance and to see if we could complete Alyssa’s collection of Sailor Moon books and Indonesian themed fake Lego, as well as buy her a bag to carry all the stuff she has bought here back home. I didn’t find the weather as humid and oppressive today, so being able to walk along and see a whole lot of things from that perspective was really good.

Unfortunately the mall let us down, so we hopped a taxi to another mall (really, this town is rife with them) to see if we could find the things there, and we were again disappointed. Although this was the ‘fancy’ mall, with giant statues and pillars out the front and the whole interior decorated in a way that kind of resembled a really ornate old theatre, so I found just seeing it kind of amusing. They also had their own taxi service, which was nice and handy. Taxis are so cheap here, I’ve never been in so many in my life as I have been in them this holiday.

After all the mall hopping we never did find the books or the Lego, and Alyssa found an excellent cheap bag at the corner store, so it was a mixed bag there.

Once we came home I watched a few episodes of Degrassi with Emma to recover from the day and find the strength to face the task of packing our bags. It took a couple of different tries to get it to work, but I think we’re good now. Apart from the smell from an entire backpack crammed with dirty washing, that is.

Our flight back to Bali leaves really early tomorrow morning. After that we have basically the whole day to hang out in the airport and wait for our flight back to Sydney, which doesn’t leave until late. I think this will be fine- they seem to have power points available in lots of places here, so we can all play on our phones and my computer and watch Degrassi while we wait, and spend all our remaining rupiah on snacks. The gap between our arrival in Sydney and our departure for Melbourne will be worse I think, even though it’s much, much shorter- by then I’ll just feel so close to being at home that I’ll just want to get there!


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