Saturday 12th February 2017- Day 12

It’s Saturday today, although that doesn’t to make any real difference here. Everything seems to be open every single day of the week. The children have a day off school one day a week, but I don’t actually know which day that is.

We started slow today, after being so energetic yesterday. I slept in a little, and then read for a while before doing a wash and getting dressed. I then went through my clothes to work out how many things I would have to wash to get me through the rest of our trip, and made Emma do the same. So while we ate breakfast (I ate rice with egg and roasted coconut – I’m almost getting used to rice for breakfast) we washed the clothes and then hung them up on a covered porch to dry.

We went shopping after that. While we admittedly have been shopping several times previously, this time it was with the actual intent to buy…although not necessarily the intent to buy the things we’ve come home with! *coughAlyssa’sbridalheaddresscough* Whatever, we all bought a souvenir that made us extremely pleased- a beautiful puppet for me, the bridal crown for Alyssa, and a rather large Pikachu for Emma.

We went to the market first, and it was exactly the kind of crowded, chaotic traditional market you would expect here. Making our way through it was a challenge, and the heat and humidity in there was off the charts. I am still always taken aback at the sheer choice that is available here, in everything you might want to buy. (Except a touch screen stylus, apparently. No, I’m not bitter about what I paid for that!)

Other stores and then the mall provided the other things we’d gone out looking for. I finally found a cold can of diet coke for me to buy, and even though it cost me $3 I bought it anyway. And a cold Diet Coke after all that market and shopping and sweating? It was worth every single rupiah.

It was sate for tea here at home, which was really good. I ate it with this sticky rice that was all glued together so it was kind of in cut slices, if that makes sense. I can’t remember what it was called (I can’t seem to remember anything at the moment) but it was okay even if I’d prefer just plain rice. I’ve been really good about trying things this time- mostly because Alyssa just keeps pushing things at me and I don’t want to be rude, ha ha ha! No, really I wanted to try different things, and it’s easy because I can just have a taste of whatever Alyssa is having and still eat the (safe) meal I ordered. It has also been good here at her house, because there is a constant supply of snacks and foods and I can just pick a little bit off or taste a little bit without having to buy a whole plate of anything.

Although I finally ate a rambutan today and I wouldn’t mind buying a whole plate of them. They lived up to their reputation and I thought they were delicious.


One thought on “Saturday 12th February 2017- Day 12

  1. It has been very interesting reading about all your travels. I would love to be there with you. Love you to the moon and back xx

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