Wednesday 8th February 2017- Day 9

I did my best to pull myself together today, with moderate success. Emma seems quite restored after a good night of sleep – she is braver and more resilient than me, I think.

It was a long day, but it was good and I think we all had some fun. In the morning we went to the fancy mall and had some breakfast at Starbucks so Alyssa could get coffee and we could use their wi-fi. I had a cinnamon roll and a vanilla and caramel cream frappe, which was the most delicious thing I’ve ever drunk and made me glad that we don’t have a Starbucks anywhere near us at home, so I don’t have to talk myself out of buying myself a treat every second day!

We looked around the fancy mall, where I had to pay an exorbitant amount for a stylus so that I can play games on my phone when we’re on the plane going home, without getting carpal tunnel or RSI. Seriously, who would have guessed that a stylus would be almost impossible to come by, and that the one we did find would be so horrifically expensive?

The Museum of Affandi was next on the agenda, so we could all feel a little bit cultured in the middle of all our shopping, ha ha ha. Affandi was an Indonesian painter, and he designed the whole gallery space (he used to live there too) and had it built. The museum contained a lot of his work, plus the work of his two wives and some of his children and grandchildren. It was actually really good wandering around and seeing everything, especially because he was painting and sketching over fifty years or so. Plus, they also gave us a free soft drink with entry, and frankly anything that gives me cold drinks here is a winner.

Our afternoon was spent at the cat café, Coffee and Cats. Which is pretty much exactly what the name says- a place for coffee with a bunch of cats. Emma loved it, and any previous ambitions the child had have now been replaced with the desire to run her own cat café. I have to admit it was really fun- the cats were all different and pretty amusing, and we spent ages there. There was a really heavy rain and the power went out, which meant it started getting pretty hot in the cat café and we were all hungry by then, so we went out and eventually managed to hail a taxi to take us to a restaurant.

Emma and I both tried something new. She had deep fried, salted bits of fish that she liked, and then she also ate the fried chicken with the crispy crumbly coating that Alyssa ordered and then another order for herself.

I had an omelette, and then Alyssa ordered an es campur, which is a kind of dessert/ kind of drink. It consisted of crushed ice, condensed milk, a red berry syrup, grass jelly cubes, another kind of jelly cubes, bits of avocado, and shredded bits of fresh pineapple. It actually sounds pretty revolting when you describe it, and I have to admit I wasn’t jumping up and down with excitement to try it. But once the avocado had been removed, it was actually pretty good- very sweet, but deliciously cold and a nice way to end the meal.

Condensed milk is very popular here. Same with cheese- we went into a supermarket to buy water and they had a sample of a cheese cake. Not a cheesecake, but a regular cake. With cheese. I have not yet figured out why they think cheese goes so well with sweet things! Alyssa did point out that Indonesian cheese doesn’t really taste like Australian cheese, but I’m still not sure I can get behind it.

We’re back home now, and really all three of us are pretty exhausted. I think we should have an early night, and considering that it’s not quite nine o’clock and we’re all lying here losing the will to exist, it actually might happen.

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