Tuesday 7th February 2017- Day 8

This morning while we were eating breakfast, Alyssa, Emma, and I took over the Pokemon Go gym at the mall. We filled it up with three kangaskhans, so everyone would know that the Australians had taken it over. I’m so proud, ha ha ha!

We have been having a delightfully lazy day. None of us really wanted to get up this morning, so it was a lot of laying around in bed and reading and playing on phones until we reluctantly got up. I think it was the thought of packing that I was really avoiding, but it had to be done. And having done it today, I have absolutely no idea how I am going to fit everything I have/want to buy in my bag when it’s time to go home.

We checked out but left our bags at the hotel (which is such a handy service) and walked to the mall for breakfast. I had a ‘banana wrap’, which was a banana wrapped in some kind of batter and deep fried, topped with chocolate and nuts -expensive (by Indonesian standards) but so good. Although I had to request it without the cheese topping that it came with as standard, because the Indonesians have this really weird thing where they throw cheese onto all these desserts. They think cheese and chocolate go together. I mean, I love a chocolate cheesecake as much as the next person, but here it is literally a sprinkle of cheese and a sprinkle of chocolate.

We walked back to the hotel and caught a taxi to her Indo family’s house, which is where we are now. It’s so fancy, and yet it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to be here. We met her sister, who had to leave to go to her job at the hospital (she’s a doctor) and Alyssa took us on a tour of the house. It’s kind of amazing, with steps and levels and rooms all over the place – I have no idea what the actual floorplan is. There are two kitchens and multiple living zones and bedrooms and bathrooms everywhere.

Alyssa gave us a snack and fed us a klengken, which is a little fruit, maybe the size of a small plum, with a tough skin that you have to peel off. Once that’s happened it kind of looks like an eyeball, as the flesh is similar to that of a peeled grape and it has a big black seed in the middle. I thought it was okay, although perhaps not worth the effort it took to peel it! However Alyssa tells me there is a knack to it, so who knows. She also gave us some double fried tempe, which was good, and some krupuk, which are a type of cracker- probably most similar to a prawn cracker if I had to describe it. There was also a plate of cold baked (?) eels that I could have tried if I wanted to…I would be willing to eat a bite to try it, but I am definitely not all that enthusiastic about it.

Now we’re all lying on a bed in one of the guest rooms, just chilling while we wait for Alyssa’s mama to come home. Alyssa is facebooking and Emma is playing games on her phone and I’m doing this, so it’s very quiet and relaxing really.

I’m not sure what else we’re going to do today, or actually for the rest of the week. We want to go and see the Gereja Ayam (chicken church) and take Emma to Borobodur. I really want to go and see a school here, which I might be able to do with one of the kids in this house – there are a few kids, although I can’t remember who belongs to who. Alyssa wrote me out a family tree…I might have to memorise it. Emma also wants to go to a cat café that Alyssa told her about…she’s so funny. I think she’s noticed every single cat that has crossed our path since we arrived in Indonesia. Really, those are the activities that we want to fit in, but there will still be lots of time for just walking and picking through shops and looking at things which is what I also really want to do. And words…I want to surround myself with words. I understood most of what Alyssa said in the taxi coming here, and I understood most of what she was talking about with Dewi. It’s glorious. I’m so used to feeling incompetent that it feels amazing to be good at this! (Good being a very relative term here – obviously I’m bad in comparison to every single Indonesian person and Alyssa, but I am doing so much better than I ever expected I would before I came. So I’m happy with that).

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