February 3rd 2017- Day 4#3

Late night journal writing again. We went back out again in the afternoon, to go to the Sultan’s palace and find out about their dance performance. On the way Emma bought herself some pants, which Alyssa nicely bargained down to $10 from the original stated price of $12!

There is a dance performance either at the palace or in a pavilion just across the road most nights, so buying tickets was easy. We took a walk through the palace and then continued wandering through the market and down the street a little to take up some time.

The dance performance was really good. It was accompanied by a gamelan orchestra, and there were lots of different characters and parts to it. The makeup and costumes were amazing, and I took lots of photos and videos so that I can show them to the kids at school when I get back.

(Honestly, I think by the time I get back none of the kids will do any work in Indonesian at all for the first term, because every week I’ll just want to show them photos of my trip and earbash them about all the things I’ve seen and learned!)

Although I have to confess that we ended our evening of culture by buying a whole bunch of cheap dvds on the way back to our inn, which is hardly anything to be proud of.

I’m tired, and I miss Troy and the boys so much, but I really, really love Indonesia.













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