Friday 3rd February 2017- Day 4

Today I had the quintessential Bali tourist experience…I was bitten by a monkey at the Ubud monkey forest. Fortunately it didn’t break the skin, so I shall not be struck by some kind of vile monkey bacterial infection or anything, and I suppose now when people tell their stories of being assaulted by monkeys I can say ‘me too!’

The monkey had been trying to pull my little purse out of my bag and I guess I moved away a bit too quickly because he grabbed hold of my tshirt and then sunk his teeth in for good measure. We then had a little standoff, where I stood still and he stood still with his teeth in me, deciding whether he was going to keep biting down or run away. I’m glad he chose to run.

I love the monkey forest though. The monkeys are so funny, and all the temples and statues and just the jungle itself is lovely. We even saw a crocodile just swimming along in the river. Well, Emma saw it first and said, “There’s a lizard in the river!….Or maybe it’s a crocodile.” Then it rose up a bit while it went around the bend and it was very definitely a crocodile.

We bought some bananas to give to the monkeys, so that was fun. Emma didn’t want them to jump on her though – I think she was finding the reality of the monkeys slightly more intimidating than she had expected, and then me being bitten didn’t really help. But she laughed a lot and took lots of photos, so I think it was a win.

It’s the afternoon now, and we’re just relaxing on our front porch. A different front porch to last night – I don’t know exactly what the booking mix up was, but we had to swap rooms for tonight. They were most apologetic, and moved all our bags for us to this new room, which they assure us is better because it has two double beds and a tv. It also has this extremely fancy gilded porch that I’m currently sitting on. Really, this place is so beautiful I could move in for a month and not get tired of just looking at it. Besides, they also delivered breakfast to our room and made banana pancakes that were so good!

Anyway, we packed our bags up this morning so that they could be moved while we were out and headed off to the monkey forest. The place we are staying is in an alleyway off an alley that comes off the same road that the monkey forest is on. (For Troy, it is almost opposite that soccer field that we saw when we walked back from the monkey forest, if you happen to remember that) The alleyway runs right alongside a primary school, and when we were leaving it happened to be recess time. All the kids playing sounded just like home to me, it was lovely. It was also interesting because there were a couple of little food carts that come to the school at that time so that the kids could come out and buy themselves a snack – there was one that seemed to be selling chunks of fruit, one that was selling tiny dumplings with some soup (put into plastic bags) and one who was selling pancakes with sprinkles and a syrup that Alyssa told me is actually chocolate flavoured condensed milk. Three guesses as to what Emma ate for her second breakfast!

We were really lucky with the weather for most of this – it was fine this morning, there was a brief rain while we were at the monkey forest but there was a big pavilion that we were able to wait it out in (with monkeys and bananas for entertainment) and then it wasn’t until we sat down in a restaurant to eat lunch that it really started. Sadly this rain wasn’t going to let up, so after we finally ate (the service was kind of slow) we just marched back through the rain and ended up drenched. I felt more soaked than I have since I’ve been here…I think the rain has stronger water pressure than the shower did.

I skyped with Jericho and Soren just before which was really good – I miss them (and Nicholai and Troy) so much. In some ways skyping with them was great, I really loved seeing them, but part of me also now is just wishing that it wasn’t another eleven days until I see them again, because that’s too long! Although I was glad I had such a good story as being bitten by a monkey to tell them – they really were quite gleeful about it.

We’re going to go out again later, to get some dinner and maybe see a performance, but for right now I’m quite content to just be here.


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