Sunday 29th January 2017

International politics being what they are at the moment, I am having a very hard time existing in the world. With Trump at the helm America is becoming a fascist country with terrifying rapidity. Waking up today to all those stories of refugees and even green card holders being detained in American airports because they are suddenly no longer allowed to enter just has me speechless with disbelief and dismay. I have studied far too much history not to find this horrifying.

I am really trying to find a balance with caring about the world and yet not drowning in existential angst because the world is a horrible, frightening place. It’s difficult. I know that I am extremely safe and insulated from these issues here in my little bubble, but I am also having very intense emotional reactions to some of the things going on. So I wrote three emails to Australian politicians today, expressing my opinion on what I feel our country ought to do and that made me feel slightly better.

And in two days I’ll be in Indonesia and will be able to remain blissfully ignorant of my usual news and media for a fortnight!

I didn’t do any preparation for my trip today. Oh no, I asked Troy to find the power adaptor so I can plug in my computer/ battery charger and he did. I admit that it sounds kind of dumb that I can’t go on holidays without my computer, but I can’t go two weeks without my journal and I can’t take two weeks of photos without dumping them on to my computer (unless I went and bought about ten more sd cards I guess). Besides, it also means I can Skype with Troy and the boys more easily.

I finished crocheting the 99th square for my blue blanket! I decided on 99 because that gives me 9 rows of 11, and because I was running out of yarn, ha ha ha. I am pretty astounded that I managed to find 99 unique patterns for 6” granny squares. Admittedly several of them are probably pretty similar, but I used 99 different patterns to create them. I’ve still a fair bit of work to do joining it all together, but it’s going to look beautiful.

Jericho roped Troy, Soren and Emma into having a waterfight today.img_1016_zpszto0svut








3 thoughts on “Sunday 29th January 2017

    • It does feel a little like drowning in bad news, and I think that finding the balance in my own emotional life is going to be an ongoing challenge.
      Ha ha, I love blue! But I have to admit that I’m looking forward to looking at some different colours with whatever I work on next!

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