Thursday 26th January 2017

It was Australia day today, and although Troy was home from work we didn’t do anything special. Troy was productive and did the mowing and even whipper-snipped the backyard. I crocheted some more squares. The children just did children things.

I think Soren is definitely ready to get back to school. He’s had more trouble finding things to do, and I think he is getting disheartened over being the youngest here at home and therefore constantly struggling to keep up with Jericho and Emma. Nicholai has coped with these holidays better than most and isn’t enthusiastic about going back to school. Although he did spend part of today sorting through his book and stationery order and naming things ready to start Year 9, and seemed quite happy about doing that. Jericho hasn’t expressed a preference either way when it comes to going back to school and, with our Indo trip to go on first, Emma isn’t even thinking about it at all.

Although Troy told Ems today that she’ll be going to school on the Thursday, the day after we get back, so she has to organise all her stationery and school things ready for that. Honestly I don’t know if she will go back on that Thursday – we leave Bali at around 10.30 at night Tuesday, and get in to Sydney around 7am Wednesday morning. We’ve then got to fly back to Melbourne and drive back home, and I think we’ll be doing well to be home by 4pm. Emma will be exhausted. So we’ll see.

We brought the backpacks in from the shed today, and I added them to the pile of stuff we have to pack. I also bought travel sized toiletries. (Which yes, Alyssa, I know I can buy once we get there, but since I have the big backpack and a 20kg luggage allowance I may as well go prepared as not!) Even with all this preparation I still find it hard to believe that we leave in four days.


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