Wednesday 25th January 2017

Today was a medical day for me, with the psychiatrist in the morning and the GP in the afternoon. As seems to be the way of things, it was both good and bad.

Good news – my mental health has obviously been really stable over the last couple of months since my last appointment. I have good days and bad days of course, but overall it’s pretty normal and manageable. I am taking some pretty high doses of medication and it would be good to reduce that eventually, but right now stability is more important. I have another appointment in April and will make another one for June/July, and it’s at that midyear point that we will assess the meds, assuming I’ve stayed well up to then.

They psychiatrist also wrote me a letter that states my diagnosis and medication that I can take with me when I go to Indonesia. I’m going to take that and photocopies of the prescriptions, and toss them in a plastic bag with all my meds so that when I go through customs I can just hand all that over for inspection. Hopefully that will get me through with the least amount of delay.

My blood test results came back and my liver function is improving, which is really good. It’s still abnormal, but trending towards the healthy range. If I can stick to a healthy diet and lose more weight, and then maybe even reduce the medication load, this should get better again.

Most of my other blood results were fine, which is just not something that I ever take for granted! So I was happy about that.

Bad news – my thyroid isn’t working properly. I had to see the GP about this one, and she says it’s pretty easy to treat. It’s just the fact that there is ANOTHER thing added to my list of diagnoses that is making me throw my hands in the air. Seriously, I give up. I am going to be ‘not well’ for the rest of my life, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Well, except do whatever the doctors tell me and add to my already rather enormous bill at the chemist’s. Anyway, the doctor sent me to have another blood test to check all the different thyroid hormones, and to see if there are thyroid antibodies or something. (There is an auto-immune disorder that can lead to low hypothyroidism). The cause doesn’t really matter in terms of treatment, but I suppose it’s helpful to know.

I wanted to get this out of the way before I leave on my trip (in less than a week, yay!) so from seeing the GP I drove to Lilydale to get my blood taken, and made an appointment to catch up with the doctor and go over the results on Monday. It was one of the worst blood tests I’ve had and I came closer to fainting than I have for ages though. It was just one tube, but as soon as she pulled the needle out my arm felt like it was on fire. It was yelping, tears in my eyes, can hardly sit still kind of pain – I’ve never felt anything like it after having blood taken! The ladies said it was probably the alcohol that they used to clean the skin getting into the needlestick site, but damn it hurt! I also have a tiny lump where the needle went in and my elbow feels bruised, so really it was a pretty sucky experience all around.

Going and to and from appointments took up a lot of my day, but it was still okay. On the way back from the psychiatrist I bought a frappe and went and sat in a park and drank my drink, read my book, and played Pokemon by myself for half an hour…it was blissful.

The kids are all good. Admittedly yesterday ended badly with clashes between Nicholai and Troy and myself over doing the dishes – he is at his most obnoxious teenage self when it comes to doing chores. He apparently seems to truly believe that he should not have to do anything unless it directly benefits him. We are working to dissuade him of this notion, but it is hard going!


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