Monday 23rd January 2017

After sleeping all night Jericho felt fine this morning, so I’m crossing my fingers that it was just a matter of too much party food and barbecue, and not some kind of bug that will soon bring the rest of us to our knees.

It was especially fortunate that he was recovered by this morning, because Andrew came over and that was the perfect excuse to go out to the chocolate factory. Not a treat that anyone wants to miss out on! (So I did actually feel bad for Troy, since he had to work and couldn’t come). The chocolaterie is always busy, and that goes doubly so on holidays, but we got the last table so that was good. The kids all picked ice cream and I had a brownie, which is my favourite.

We went to Steve and Jean’s after the chocolate factory so that the kids could pick up the Wii remote that they left there, and then we went up to the school. Kylie was there (Soren’s teacher last year, Jericho’s teacher this year) so we said hi and had a little chat. She was setting up her classroom, and she and I talked about me perhaps doing Indonesian in a different classroom this year. She’s setting up a reading area in that end of the classroom with the couches, and honestly I’d prefer a different classroom if that’s the case, because kids on couches is one of my pet hates for Indo class. I’m really glad we went up there actually- given Jericho’s anxiety levels surrounding starting school, and the way this year it’s going to be exacerbated because of me not being there, the little bit of reassurance he would have got from seeing his classroom and having his teacher tell him that she’s looking forward to having him in her class can only help.

Our hard garbage has been picked over. Someone has taken all the bikes, which I’m glad about, as tossing them seemed like a waste even though we have no use for them. I know there are people who scavenge bikes from the hard garbage to fix them up, so I stood them all up at the edge of the pile so they could be seen and they were gone by this afternoon. The metal table legs were taken too – there are people who drive around with utes loading up metal and then taking it to the metal recyclers to cash it in.

Nicholai had a good day at the tennis yesterday. He came home very sunburned, wearing a new t-shirt that he had bought for himself. I’m still not used to having kids who are old enough that they can spend the whole day out of the house and unsupervised!img_2037



One thought on “Monday 23rd January 2017

  1. Your kids just all look so grown up sitting nicely eating delicious treats!!
    I can’t believe holidays are nearly over, what date are you leaving for Indonesia.
    I think your crochet blanket is going to be gorgeous too!
    Love Elle xoxo

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