Saturday 21 January 2017

The kids are away, having a sleepover at Steve and Jean’s place, so it’s just Troy and I tonight. We spent our child-free time finishing off the last couple of episodes of the Walking Dead, going shopping for fun stuff like sawdust for the guinea pigs and a new laundry basket, and now eating M&Ms and watching MMA, like we do every Saturday. However we are doing it all without the responsibility of four children, so that makes it different!

It was a pretty productive day today. The hard garbage collection is coming up so we spent most of the morning clearing up the yards and shed and stacking rubbish. I’m really happy with what we achieved – the backyard is free of rubbish (just broken toys mostly) and the front porch is clear of everything that was just cluttering it up because we didn’t know what else to do with it. Now we just have to mow the grass and clean up the garden beds and we’ll be like a whole new house.

The garden will wait though. Troy is taking a month off work in March, and the one project that I want to achieve while I have him at home is fixing up the front garden. It’s not like a huge job, we just have to weed thoroughly and then re-mulch the garden beds, but it’s the kind of job that I’m not all that enthusiastic about so it will probably only get done if we do it together. If we have enough money at the time I would also like to kill all the grass on the driveway and get a load of stones to redo it, but we’ll have to see about that.

Jean came over after lunch to collect both the human kids and the goats. I really laughed at the three boys sitting in a row in the car with the goat sticking his head over from the back – I think I will never stop being amused by them driving the goats around in the back of the car.

I did some more crocheting this afternoon, adding some more squares to the pile. I may be getting a little tired of making squares, but I suppose it’s not that surprising considering I’ve made 75 of them. I should probably lay them out soon and see the size of it, to give me more of an idea about how many more I want to do. Although I may take a break from it for a while soon– I have promised to make someone a mermaid tail blanket and the yarn for that is due to arrive on Monday, so I might work on that for a while instead. I’ve also still got my socks on the needles…so many projects and not enough time to work on them really!

Nine more days before I leave!


Jericho, getting ready for a guinea pig race. I am loving that I can finally see the child’s eyes again.

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