Friday 20th January 2017

We spent two hours at the dentist this morning, and the only one who needs any fillings is me! How embarrassing. The kids seem to spend more time talking to each other with a toothbrush in their mouth than brushing when they’re in the bathroom of an evening, but their teeth are all fine. I floss, scrub for the full two minutes, and use mouthwash, and I need three fillings. Gah. Although she did say that the dry mouth I have from all my meds is probably primarily responsible, since although I have three tiny holes my teeth are very clean and don’t have plaque building up at all, which is good. She also told us that our water is not fluoridated, which I hadn’t known, and which isn’t good as far as our family’s dental health goes.

It doesn’t end with one visit though, unfortunately. I have to go back a couple of times to get my work done, and although the kids’ teeth are fine now she wants to put sealants on most of their molars to protect them. She also wrote a referral for Soren to have an x-ray, since he lost the two teeth beside his top front ones ages ago and she couldn’t feel any waiting to come down. Jericho has a narrow upper jaw and a crossbite, so she said if we can afford it we should look at getting an orthodontic consult for him, as he probably needs an expander like Emma had.

It’s all so much! But this was a new dentist, who has set up in town right next door to Troy’s office, and I liked her. She had a good manner, not just with me but with the kids too, and I really liked the way she talked to them. I also like that she explained everything she wants to do to everyone’s teeth, and printed out a treatment plan that actually included all the costs, so we can make the appointments and do the work when and as we can afford it. There was no pressure to make appointments to do it all today, and I appreciated that. I mean, obviously there’s some time pressure on getting my cavities filled, but she said it’s fine to space the appointments for the kids’ sealants out over months if we want to. She has five kids and she said they’re actually taking it in turns to get the orthodontic work done (one kid finishes, the next one starts) so I think she’s pretty understanding of the financial impact of all that dental work. And it is expensive, but the kids’ teeth will ideally last them for another eighty or so years, so it’s probably worth it in the long run!

Soren’s haircut appointment was also today. It was funny to take just him. But Jericho is growing his hair long, and Nicholai wants to do the World’s Greatest Shave in March and so won’t cut his hair before then, so Soren on his own it was. It was an easy appointment, a bit of a wait and then a quick cut and he looks lovely.

The two of us stopped by home to collect the other children and then we went to pick up Nicholai and Emma’s books for school, and go to the shopping centre so Jericho could chose a present for the party he is going to on the weekend. Sometimes shopping with all four of them can be dreadful, but they were all exceedingly obliging today. Add that to their exemplary behaviour at the dentist and I am delighted with them all.

We had a movie night, watching Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It was pretty good – the odd creepy bit that had Soren choosing to go and sit with Troy, but everyone liked it and it was nice to do something together.


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