Wednesday 18th January 2017

I am having more and more trouble crocheting these granny square patterns. I don’t know if they’re getting more difficult or if I’ve done so many I can no longer cope with new patterns, but I keep basically getting so lost that I resort to just making it up as I go along. Perhaps the patterns themselves are wrong, I really don’t know. I suppose in the end it doesn’t matter that much, as long as I end up with a square of the right size.

Holidays continue to kind of drift by, with no one doing anything particularly noteworthy. Nicholai watches cricket and tennis, makes up graphs and stats and talks at people. Emma hides in her room thinking that we don’t know that she’s on the internet on her phone, or else hangs out by the trampoline with Jericho and Soren. Jericho hangs out with Emma and Soren by the trampoline, reads, pets his guinea pigs, and watches Roseanne with me. Soren hangs out with Jericho and Emma, jumps on the trampoline by himself, plays with Lego and makes stop motion animations. We went to the park to play and catch Pokemon this afternoon.

I got on the phone and made the appointments we need for the rest of the holidays though. We’ve got the dentist, hair cuts, collecting stationery and book lists, doctor and psychiatrist all lined up now, so I feel quite organised with all that. I have also entered every single appointment into our shared digital calendar, so I am living up to my new years resolution there! The kids are also having a sleepover at Steve and Jean’s one night, and Jericho has a birthday party for Rylan so we will have to go shopping for a gift at some point.

We found one of our chickens in the front yard this afternoon. Honestly, all these animals are driving me crazy! I also have no idea how that chicken got out of the backyard – surely he can’t have learned to climb the gate?


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