Monday 16 January 2017

We started off the day with one goat breaking his collar and the other one breaking his chain and both of them destroying the plum tree that is laden with almost-ripe fruit. Really they have been a pain in the neck – it would practically have been less trouble to weed the entire mess behind the shed by hand.

Jericho and Soren were booked into the nerf wars holiday activity at the RACV this afternoon. We took lunch and ate outside by the jumping pillow, and then went over to the tennis courts when it was time for the activity. They had a great time. Basically there was a giant weapons chest of various nerf guns and bows, and the kids were divided into two teams and were shooting at each other from behind giant inflatable balls (that were the morning activity that they didn’t do, zorb soccer, which is where people wear the giant inflatable balls and play soccer. Or just ram into each other apparently, since Adam and Susie’s kids did it and that’s what they liked best.) Despite the heat Jericho and Soren really enjoyed themselves. They both had good weapons and once it was all over they also got to get into the inflatable bubbles and run around bouncing off each other, so they were very happy.

Nicholai and Emma didn’t want to do the activity, but they came along too. Nicholai read in the library, and Emma and Alex went off and sat around in the sports bar (which is not a real bar, obviously) talking secret thirteen year old girl stuff.

I also vacuumed today and made the children also clean and vacuum their rooms. As you can imagine they all thanked me for giving them the opportunity but I don’t care. I don’t know when my house was last this clean.


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