Sunday 15th January 2017

I finally convinced Jericho to let me tie his hair up for the day. It felt like the first time in months that I’ve been able to see the child’s face.

The last proper haircut he had was in May, and since then he’s only had a tiny trim on the back ends to cut off the mullet. We’ve put up with it hanging over his face as we endure the awkward stage of the growing out process, but we’ve told him that once school starts he has to have it tied back. This has caused a great deal of angst on his part – he really wants long hair, but he really doesn’t want the attention of turning up at school with a new (and somewhat adventurous, for a boy) hairstyle. So after much anxiety and discussion we came up with the plan of tying it up every day for the next week or so, so he can get used to the feel of it and decide if he really wants to keep it long. We’ve talked about the fact that everyone at school will probably comment on his hair over the first day or so, but then everyone will just get used to it and it will just be the way he looks and no one will think twice about it. It really has been quite a drama for him, but it’s Jericho – everything is a drama really.

We bought a hula hoop at the $2 shop and Jericho has started teaching Luna to jump through it. She seems to be getting the idea, and she’s utterly adorable jumping and then looking up for her treat reward.

We’ve borrowed Steve and Jean’s goats, and have them tethered in the backyard so that they can eat all the crap that grows along the back and side of the shed. They broke THREE dog collars before we could get them tied up securely, which was a total pain in the ass, but they seem to be settled now. It cracks me up though, that to get them to our house Jean just loads them into the back of the Ford Focus – I mean it’s a hatchback! They look hilarious just driving along in the back of the car. This time Troy said that he saw the people in the car behind him pointing and laughing hysterically, and then someone held up their phone and (he assumes) filmed the sight. It probably made their day, I know if I saw something so ridiculous I would get a real kick out of it.

I’ve really enjoyed the slightly cooler weather over this weekend. Last night was even cool enough that I could wear the socks I finished knitting at mum and dad’s house – I was still wearing shorts so it was a true fashion statement, but I love my hand knitted socks!

I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting on my blue blanket, and have finished sixty squares. The book I’m working out of now (The Big Book of Granny Squares by Tracey Lord) has a lot more dimensional squares, with flowers and popcorns and bobbles, so these squares are using up more yarn than the squares from the Jan Eaton 200 Crochet Squares book. It’s funny though, the book uses the worst colours and combinations of yarn in their sample photos! Nearly every single square is hideous, and so basically every square that I make looks better than the ones in the book, just because of the horrible colours they use.


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