Wednesday 11 January 2017

Troy and the children are currently all watching Battlebots, which is robots fighting to the death (well, the destruction). They are all so into it, it’s madness. I really do not get it.

Although, I just realised how utterly hypocritical of me it is to be eye rolling at robot battles when I am such MMA trash! At least with robot battles no one is breaking their nose or sustaining brain damage or being psychologically crushed!

Troy bought me a luggage scale, so I can be sure that my luggage will not be over the limit when I go on my trip. It’s a 20kg limit, so I’m sure we’ll be fine on the way out. The way back is only questionable if I buy too many books, and if that happens I can always post them to myself. Alyssa is probably laughing hysterically as she reads this – she can apparently shove all she needs for the two weeks into a carry on bag. It baffles me.

The kids and I are having a pretty low key holiday. They watch tv in the morning, then just do whatever until lunchtime, then spend their poker chips for time on their devices. Emma and Jericho are being pretty good friends, and Soren is not being too left out, which is good. Nicholai…talks a lot. A lot. He is also horribly teenagerish and definitely unimpressed with his good fortune in having me for his mother.

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