Monday 9 January 2017

We have just added a luggage allowance for Emma and I to our flights. We leave in twenty-one days…it’s getting close. I think we have most things we need, but I might start making some lists, just so I can feel organised.

Troy went back to work today. While it’s obviously a good thing that he’s gainfully employed and all, I always wish he could stay home with us while the kids are on holidays.

I took all four of the kids over to Montrose this afternoon, for a birthday party for Caitlinn’s son Luke. I think they had fun – the playground there is good and there was loads of food, so that kept them happy. I had a good time too. I spent ages talking to Caitlinn’s sister Brigid, who was lovely, and her mum. I haven’t seen them for years, so that was interesting. I also met Brigid’s husband, who has actually been a CRT at the primary school and remembered all the dogs, so that was a fun coincidence.

The other thing with Troy at work is that I have now become Nicholai’s default person to talk to. I probably learned more from him sharing facts with me today than I’ve learned all year so far.

And with the year just over a week old, I have so far been sticking to my new year’s resolutions. I have entered appointments into our Cozi calendar and have been flossing my teeth. One week down, fifty one weeks to go.




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