Friday 6th January 2017

I just finished knitting another pair of socks. They’re non-matching, using two colourways of the Knitpicks Felici yarn, and done in a basic garter rib. I’m very pleased with them, although I will have to wait for some cooler weather before I will want to wear them.

It was another hot day today, so a lot of it was spent inside with the airconditioning on. Troy took the kids to the pool this afternoon and I went for a drive to the gardens to play Pokemon. It was too hot for it to be really nice, but to be honest it was good just to be by myself for a little while. Plus, between the pokemon I caught then and the pokemon I caught later when Troy and I went to the supermarket I finally had enough charmander candies to evolve a charizard. I even took a screenshot of my charizard and sent it to Lee, as she was the only person I could think of who would recognise this glorious achievement.

We’re going home tomorrow. It’s felt like a really short visit, although it’s not really any shorter than usual. I didn’t get to see Rhiannon, but I visited with Lee and we went to the zoo and Troy took the kids to the pool and we took Soren to the toyshop to spend his birthday money. Troy and I have also been watching new Game of Thrones episodes every night, from the season I got for Christmas. I sometimes feel that I should kind of eke it out more, spread the entertainment over a longer period, but I’m too impatient to wait. And I like binge watching – if I didn’t have the children I would probably have watched this season of GOT in a day.

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