Wednesday 4th January 2017

The weather is heating up again. Blech.

We went to the Hall’s Gap zoo this morning (since we drove to Mum and Dad’s place yesterday) with Lee and her small children. We left here at nine so that we’d be there early enough to avoid the worst of the heat and, although it was still pretty warm, that mostly worked. The zoo was pretty good and the kids had fun looking at everything. Their favourite thing is probably feeding the animals with the little food pellets though. Once again Jericho did his Francis of Assissi, friend of the animals, act. I laughed actually, at one point Kareem went to pet a deer and it nearly broke it’s legs leaping away from him, and then Jericho strolled up and had them nuzzling at his hand even after all his food was gone!

Although actually, I’m typing this sitting in the living room here at Mum and Dad’s place and their air conditioner is approximately 100% more effective than ours is, so really it can get hot if it wants too because I think we’ll be reasonably comfortable here!

I just texted Troy’s mum, who is looking after our animals while we are here, and the chicken that Luna bit on Monday is still alive! I’m honestly furious at the dog about it – she’s never really done anything to the chickens before, but for some reason she has had a fight with one on Monday! I discovered this when I went out to put them chickens back in their coop in the evening. I chased three in and then went searching for the fourth. I found a disturbing pile of feathers, and then found a scrappy looking bird hiding by the side of the house. It had a patch on its belly that was bare of feathers but not something to worry about, and then it had a bunch of feathers also missing on its neck that showed a rip in the skin that was very much something to worry about. It was hard to see the extent, but I could see that it had a wound on its neck and the eye on that side of its face appeared permanently shut, so honestly I expected it was going to die. It was still alive before we left yesterday though, and although it was sitting very quietly next to the wall in the coop it stood up and ran away squawking when I went over to it to see if it was okay, so that was a surprisingly hopeful sign. It’s still going today too, so maybe it’s just going to be a chicken with an exciting story to tell in its old age.

Here are some photos from Soren’s birthday, and from the zoo today.














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