Monday 2nd January 2016

Troy informed me this morning that there was a fire aboard an Indonesian ferry that killed 23 people. Considering that my only real request about where we go so far has been to travel from Bali to Java by boat, this wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear…

I had one of those moments today where I do something silly to make the children laugh, and then it completely backfires on me. We were looking at all the furniture at Costco, and there was a tiny, child-size leather recliner chair. I sat down on the tiny chair, which Jericho and Soren thought was really funny, and then reclined it and lay on it, which they thought funnier still. However it wasn’t nearly as funny as the next moment, when the tiny recliner chair fell slowly over backwards, crashing me into a wooden pallet and tower of boxes, and sending my legs shooting up in the air like a cartoon. The two boys thought that was hysterical. Even I admit that it would have looked pretty funny, but given the bruise and big bleeding scratch I got out of it, I wasn’t really inclined to see the funny side!

It was Soren’s birthday today. My beautiful sunshine baby turned eight! I love remembering the day he was born- that incredible rush of euphoria as I held my little blue boy in the sun, and our family was made complete. Eight years later the thought of it makes my heart jump, and I am so grateful for the gift that Soren has always been.

He has grown up so much this past year. He’s so smart and clever and creative, and even with all that he’s still my snuggly Scooby-baby who needs his hugs. He is, and always has been, so very easy to love.


6 thoughts on “Monday 2nd January 2016

  1. Hahahha that is soooooo funny, what a great funny mum you are. Then I just remembered when you fell off the long seat thingy when we were painting your house!!! Hahah I shouldn’t laugh but you were not permanently injured.
    I hope Soren had a lovely birthday. I still remember when he was born cause I was at bath and BEC’s in Hamilton and had just ate a low fat😲Peanut butter sandwich!!!
    I remember thinking you would be in the paper cause he was born in the driveway!!!

    • How can you have a low fat peanut butter sandwich???

      Ha ha, I love the way you always remember me falling off that seat! Actually, when I fell over backwards in this recliner I remembered a time years ago when we were at the Roll’s house for tea and I fell over backwards in a recliner there too! Perhaps I should stay out of them!

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