Friday 30 December 2016

I got a letter from Troy’s office today. I couldn’t figure out why Troy would send me a letter from the office, but when I opened it it said, very formally, that my tax return had been completed and lodged, and I had nothing to pay and no refund received. If I wished to discuss this tax return or any other financial matters I could call and make an appointment. It then said, warm regards, and Troy SIGNED IT. I just about fell off my chair laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of it, and then laughed even more when Troy came in and was shocked by it – he didn’t even remember signing it. It was dated the 23rd, which was the last day the office was open, and he said he signed a bunch of stuff quickly and that must have been one of them. I don’t know, I just found the whole situation hilarious. (Disappointing that we didn’t get a refund though!)

I am SO fed up with hyper, hysterical children. I hope that the weather cools down soon so that I can send them all outside, because they are driving me mad. Well, that’s unfair actually – Nicholai and Soren are being quite lovely, it’s Emma and Jericho that are making me want to bang their heads together. They are just so loud and so silly and so annoying!

Oh well, I’m getting away from them tomorrow. Alyssa is going to get the joy of their company while Troy and I go to the pub and watch UFC. I can knit and watch people pound other people into the ground…it’ll all seem quite civilised after dealing with my offspring recently.

Troy and I packed up the Christmas decorations today. It makes the loungeroom look quite bare actually, especially since I haven’t yet brought back in all the storage boxes and so the tv unit is empty.

Soren has filled up all the floor space that was taken up by the Christmas tree with train tracks though. We bought in the box of trains and track for Liam to play with when Caitlinn was here the other day, and ever since Soren has been having a great time making some really complex track systems. He’s really good at spending time alone. It’s something I find interesting actually, that he was surrounded by siblings to entertain him from the day that he was born and yet, while he certainly enjoys playing with others, he is also content to play alone for hours on end.


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