Thursday 29 December 2016

It really takes a lot of pizza to feed those children these days.

It was another day of horrible weather today. We had a slow start to summer, but we’re certainly paying for it now! The humidity was unreal today, it was so bad that when I got out of the car my glasses immediately fogged up so much that I couldn’t see.

We took the kids to the movies this morning, going over to Knox to the early morning showings. I wanted to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Troy wanted to see Rogue One, so we let the kids choose. Pretty predictably Emma ended up with me and Jericho and Soren were with Troy. Nicholai didn’t want to go, which surprised me a little bit, but I don’t have a problem with him staying home on his own. The boys loved Star Wars and Emma loved Fantastic Beasts. I thought it was kind of slow in parts, to be honest, but the effects were beautiful and I enjoyed it.

Some of the kids were pretty cranky today. The heat I guess, and they’re all tired. I couldn’t blame them – I was pretty cranky too to be honest. I loathe the heat and humidity, and I was pretty tired since Troy and I had stayed up late last night watching UFC on dvd. (We were up to UFC 193, which was the last time Ronda fought, so we wanted to watch it before we see her win her belt back on Saturday!) I think I am also just feeling a little stressed because I haven’t had any time alone since the kids finished school. The former version of me who always had small children attached is rolling her eyes so hard right now, but I guess I’ve come to rely on having regular solitude to maintain my equilibrium.

Although I am on my own tonight, since Troy has gone around to Brett’s house to play x-box. I’ve been sitting in front of the airconditioner (which isn’t working properly! Aaaargh!), crocheting a Psyduck and watching Dance Moms on my tv, via my birthday Chromecast. That is definitely a very nifty bit of technology.


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