Wednesday 28th December 2016

We narrowly averted catastrophe here today. While we were out the wind blew Jericho’s guinea pigs’ hutch over, so we arrived home to a dinged up hutch lying on it’s side with the roof open, a chicken inside it pecking up bugs and guinea pig food, and no guinea pigs in sight. As you would imagine, Jericho was distraught. Troy and Emma were searching the yard while Jericho sobbed, when I thought to lift up the hutch to put it back together and found two terrified little furry fugitives huddled underneath it. I have no idea how long they were free, but I am so glad they were too afraid to strike out on their own! Jericho’s sadness over the loss of his guinea pigs doesn’t bear thinking about. As it is he was so worked up about nearly losing them that he brought them inside and held them for forty five minutes before he would even put them down so he could play on his DS.

We were out because Caitlinn came to visit with her husband Hakan and their two boys. Luke is almost eight (his birthday is the 6th, he and Soren are only a few days apart) and Liam is three. We had lunch here and then drove over to the Sanctuary, but our plans fell apart when we got there and they were in the process of closing it down for the day! With the crazy wind we had here they’d had a couple of trees come down already, and it wasn’t safe. I couldn’t believe that such a rare occurance as the Sanctuary actually being closed had happened on the one day that we tried to go! The kids were so good about it though, they were disappointed but no one really complained. We went to the park, which was a pretty severe downgrade in terms of entertainment to be honest, but we had a good afternoon anyway. The kids played on the equipment and played Frisbee and drove Luke’s remote control car all over the bike training course. (It was the best remote control car ever, it was a quadbike and it could drive really fast, even over grass, and Jericho and Soren thought it was awesome.)

We also played Pokemon Go, and Luke was gleeful about catching a Kangaskhan. I didn’t realise it was an Australian pokemon, but apparently it is? Anyway, that will give him something to show off once he goes back home to Sweden. I had a good pokemon day too, we finally got enough candies to evolve two new pokemon that we’ve been waiting on for ages so that was very satisfying.

Although I also realised today that of the four gyms in or near town, the same person has one of the top ranked pokemon in every single one, and I am just dying to know who this person is and what he does! How much time each day does he spend driving around and battling in the gyms? No judgement, I am quite impressed with the level of dedication…I just want to know more!

I’m still crocheting pokemon. They really are ideal things to crochet actually – they can be a little bit fiddly, but the finished toys are really cute and readily identifiable as the pokemon they’re meant to be. I made a poliwag yesterday and he’s my favourite – he’s really cute and pretty accurate, and since I didn’t have a pattern I just had to make it up myself. This doesn’t always end well, but it did this time.

I’m also still crocheting squares for a new blanket. So far I’ve done thirty-eight different squares from the 200 Crochet Squares book by Jan Eaton. I don’t know how many more from the book I’ll do though. I’m only doing the squares that are crocheted in rounds, which eliminates all that are done in rows, and although the book claims to have 200 blocks there are a lot of blocks that are the same except for some colour variations. There are also some blocks that are just too lacy for a blanket that I want for warmth. I’ve got some ebooks with crocheted squares to look through next, and there are some patterns on Ravelry too. I don’t know if I’ll have enough unique squares to create a whole blanket, but I’m going to try to get as many as possible.

I had my blood taken this morning, for all the tests Dr deSilva ordered last time I saw her. My appointment with her isn’t until late in January, but I think I will need to make a GP appointment before then (an issue with my leg) and I thought I may as well do it now so that the results will be available at the appointment. It’s the GP who will deal with most things that may potentially arise from those tests anyway, although if my liver function is deteriorating at all I guess Dr deSilva will have to reconsider all my psych med presciptions.


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