Wednesday 28th December 2016 #2

Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening! It’s like some bad karmic joke! It’s like THREE WEEKS after Troy’s parents had their income cut in half, and now Anne the German exchange student has announced she’s getting married! So of course, after TEN YEARS of “when Anne gets married we’ll take you to Germany” it can’t happen!!!!

Omg, I am honestly just kind of laughing, rather than being genuinely upset, but seriously?

This all started eleven years ago when Nokku, the Japanese exchange student that lived with Troy’s family in high school, was getting married. Steve and Jean were going to buy the plane tickets for us to go (Adam, Susan, Brett etc too) but I was pregnant with Jericho and we couldn’t go, so Jean and Steve told us that when Anne got married they’d take us to Germany. It’s been kind of a joke, but also a joke with an underlying truth!

But yeah, it was really only three weeks ago that they found out that the income they had relied on now that they’re kind of retired is literally being cut by half, so there are no extras anymore…definitely no six-extra-flights-to-Germany-extras! It’s just such hilariously awful timing! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to save up my own money for Germany one day!


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