Monday 26th December 2016

Yesterday was the hottest Christmas in 18 years. No wonder we were miserable with the heat.

It was a little bit better today. It was still hot this morning, but there was a bit of a change in the early afternoon. It brought rain, which just made it incredibly humid. It really made me dread the weather in Indonesia and how much it will suck to spend two weeks constantly dripping in sweat.

Actually, I was anxious about my trip all day for some reason. Just scared of a million things and worrying about everything that might go wrong. I know most of my fears have very little likelihood of becoming reality, but my mind just got into that loop of anxiety and I couldn’t make it stop.

Still, in the last couple of days we’ve taken out travel insurance, Emma has had her vaccinations and worn her boots to make sure they won’t rub, and I’ve asked Troy’s mum and dad if I can borrow some money and they said yes, so some of the things that I was worrying about have been dealt with. I have an appointment with the psychiatrist in a couple of weeks where I can get a letter detailing all my prescriptions, because going through customs with all my drugs really needs some documentation. We still have organise a flight to Sydney and add luggage I think. I shouldn’t be as anxious as I am over it.

Really, I just think today wasn’t a good day. Usually I find Boxing Day kind of fun in a really relaxed way, but today I was all edgy and anxious.

The boys were very anxious to spend the money they were saving to buy a DS on buying games for the DSs they got for Christmas, and I was very anxious to spend money buying them headphones to wear while they play on said DS so that I don’t have to hear that irritating music, so we went shopping today. (It was also so that we could avoid the heat by being in our airconditioned car and an airconditioned shopping centre.) Jericho and Soren bought a game each, Nicholai bought a micro SD card so that he can video hours of whatever on his new Polaroid cube, Troy bought a Bluetooth mouse for his computer to help him play his new game of Civilization, and I bought two pairs of headphones and some catfood. Shopping success.


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