Sunday 25th December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Today was lovely. It was an early start of course – Troy and I heard the kids moving around and talking to each other by six, so we got up then. Started the Christmas music and the lights and let the kids into the loungeroom to open their presents. They were so excited and happy with everything! I love watching them open their presents.

Nicholai’s favourite gift was his Steam voucher – that’s an online game store and they have a massive sale over Christmas, so his $20 giftcard got him seven games. I think he will love his little Polaroid cube video camera once he has a chance to really play with it, but the weather was so hot today the last thing anyone wanted to do was go outside and shoot action videos. Emma loved everything. She immediately put on her Hufflepuff socks and her Camp Jupiter t-shirt (right over her pyjamas) and started downloading all her music onto her new iphone and setting up her apps and backgrounds and everything else. Jericho and Soren’s favourite gift was the same – their DSs. As soon as they’d unwrapped everything they immediately unboxed them and got Troy to start setting them up, and they pretty much didn’t look at anything else all day. Troy got some headphones and the new version of Civilization to play on his computer. I got knitting needles, Walking Dead and Game of Thrones dvds, and to share we got a box set of ‘UFC Legends’ dvds.

It was my birthday too of course, so once all the Christmas things were unwrapped Troy prised the DSs out of Jericho and Soren’s hands and they all gave me my card and present. I got a Chromecast, which will let me watch things from my computer on our tv – Troy set it up this afternoon and it’s awesome. It’s like living in the future.

We had lunch with Troy’s mum and dad and Nana at the Yarra Glen pub. It was SO MUCH FOOD, my god – antipasto platters and then seafood platters and then roast meat and roast vegetable platters and then a dessert and then truffles and fruit mince pies….so good though. And I am always impressed by my children’s willingness to try things at these events. Impressed and baffled…I serve up a piece of inoffensive crumbed fish and Jericho acts like I’m trying to poison him, and yet there he was today eating prawns and crayfish out of the shell and smoked salmon and calamari and whatever other weird fishy things there were.

I had a birthday cake too. I love that they do that for me – they all sang and then we boxed up the cake and brought it home, so the kids and I ate watermelon and cake for dinner.

The only bad thing about the day was the heat- I can’t remember the last time we had such a hot Christmas! It’s not going to cool down for a while either, so we’ll just have to try and get on with it.


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