Friday 23rd December 2016

Only one more day until Christmas!

Troy finished work for the year today. They closed the office at noon and went to the bowling club for lunch and barefoot bowls, so he was able to just walk home in the afternoon.

I was out this morning, taking Emma to the doctor to organise her vaccinations for Indonesia. It was good, the doctor went through all the potential problems and then wrote out prescriptions for a hepA/typhoid vax for Emma, and anti-malaria and anti diarrhoea stuff for both of us. I thought Emma was lucky that she only had to have the one injection, since I had to have three when I went the first time! But Ems has had her hepB done and got her tetanus booster at school, so she was already covered. We were able to get the prescriptions at the chemist and then go right back to the surgery and have the nurse inject her, so it was all done. (Although the doctor is going to send out a reminder in a few months, because the hepA vax lasts for a little while, but if she gets a repeat vax within six months she’ll have immunity for forty years or something. So I figure we may as well do that.)

At home I spent a while attaching strings to my puppets, so that Jericho and Soren can use them in their puppet show tomorrow. It took a little bit of trial and error, but we finally worked it out and it’s kind of amazing how cool the puppets actually look when they’re animated!

I did lots of crocheting too. I’m still churning out squares for my blue blanket, and I’m interspersing that with crocheting pokemon, which has been more fun than I expected. I started making them because I wanted to make a gift for a birthday party we’re going to for Caitlinn’s son Luke. He’s the same age as Soren and plays Pokemon Go, and whatever we give him has to travel back to Sweden, so a little pokemon seemed like a good idea and I thought if Jericho and Soren approve then another kid probably would too. So that’s what started it, but it turns out that Jericho and Soren really love the little crocheted pokemon and want some of their own. Crocheting something that works up quickly and is so much appreciated by the children is hard to resist!

Jericho lost one of his guinea pigs for a brief time today. He took it out of the hutch and put it in the plastic crate he uses to bring them inside, and it jumped out. He couldn’t find it for a little while and then Luna was barking like crazy and he went and found it crouched against the fence. I didn’t know anything about this until he came inside (with both guinea pigs) crying so hard he could barely talk. Poor kid is pretty stressed at the moment, and he really loves his pigs. I told him we’ll buy another box for carrying them around that has higher sides, and in the meantime we just need to watch them.


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