Thursday 22 December 2016

Only two more days until Christmas!

We had Charlotte and Sophie here for the day today. I absolutely don’t mind having them here, they are no trouble and it’s fun for the kids to have some cousins around to play with for a change, BUT I really hate the underhanded way Brett always goes about asking. Usually it’s “the girls really want to come and play with Emma, is that okay?” This time he told Troy he had a meeting, which turned out to actually be his work Christmas party. He also dropped them off an hour before he said he would, and they were picked up forty-five minutes later than expected. It just makes me feel so angry, like he thinks we’re idiots or something. Also, I have to admit I kind of judge him for how often he fobs the kids off on his parents, or on us now, when he actually has them so little. I mean, he takes a sick day from his actual nursing job whenever he’s offered a day cutting down trees, but god forbid he actually arranges time off to look after his kids on the part time basis that he has them.

(Have I mentioned the tree thing? Brett reduced his work to three days a week this year so he could go to trade school and learn to cut down trees. He’s now been offered an apprenticeship, which we know because he asked Troy for financial advice on what benefits he would be eligible for, since an apprentice wage is hardly going to support a wife and five kids. It just boggles my mind – I mean, he qualified as a nurse less than ten years ago, is forty years old, and wanting to ditch his nursing career for a job that is hard physical work, dangerous, and pays less. All this while he has five kids relying on him. I’m sorry, but I just think at this point in his life he needs to suck it up and do what he has to do for the kids he created.)

Anyway, the kids had a good day with the girls here. They spent hours with Emma choreographing and rehearsing a dance to I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, which they plan to perform on Saturday at Christmas lunch. They have done this in the past, but this year the girls’ doing a song and dance has been expanded to an actual fucking talent show. I mean…seriously? So far there’s going to be the girls doing a dance, Alex playing the saxophone, and Jericho, Soren and Nicholai doing a puppet show. I mean, it’s going to be fun for the kids and that’s what really matters in the end, but dear god, when is it ever going to end???

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