Wednesday 21 December 2016

Our chickens are no so uncooperative about going back into their coop of an evening that we now have to have a ‘chicken wrangling stick’. It lives by the back door, so it’s always on hand when we need to herd them out from beneath bushes and stop them running under the house as we try to chase them into their coop.

Jericho and Soren had their last day yesterday, so I had all four of them home today. Emma was very productive, as she cleaned her room and made gingerbread. Nicholai kind of moved stuff around his room, rather than actually organising anything, but he was in a good mood and pretty nice to be around so I won’t complain. Jericho and Soren were pretty productive, if covering the floor of their bedroom in Lego counts.

I had the teacher gift exchange yesterday, after the kids finished school. We do a Bad Santa thing where you can either open a gift or steal a gift from someone else, and it’s usually a lot of fun. In the past I’ve always opened a gift, but I didn’t this time – I stole the bottle of Bailey’s that Kylie had. I’m thinking that I’m going to need it to get through Christmas with Troy’s family!

Our school is going to be so different next year though. Of the five class teachers we had this year, only two are coming back next year. (All the specialists are staying though). Our principal is also slated to retire during the course of next year, so that will change things too. Size-wise the school is shrinking fast, as there are three times more grade six kids leaving than new preps starting, and several other families are leaving so we’re losing a bunch of kids that way too. Apart from me losing one class and half an hour’s pay, I don’t mind a smaller school.

Although one of the kids leaving is Jericho’s friend Oscar, and considering how difficult Jericho has found the social aspect this year it just seems really rough for him to lose one of the few people he has connected with.

We found out their class teachers yesterday too, and Jericho and Soren are just swapping teachers next year. Soren’s teacher is moving to the senior class, and Jericho’s teacher is doing the middle grade. They’re both great teachers, so I’m happy with this set-up. Jericho is a little apprehensive about having a new teacher, but at least he knows this teacher a little and Soren likes her. Soren had Hayley in grade 1 and is excited for her to be his teacher again. His year will also be split next year, which I am REALLY happy about – that grade is 80% boys and really challenging to teach, and I’ve always been concerned that Soren doesn’t get the attention he needs to really thrive. Hopefully separating that group makes for more manageable classrooms.


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