Monday 19 December 2016

Troy and I are watching Die Hard. He thinks it’s a Christmas movie.I argue that it’s not really, because although it is set at Christmastime, Christmas could be removed and the plot would not really change.

Today was my last day of solitude before the holidays, and I spent most of the day crocheting. I decided on the weekend to make some pokemon, so I sat down with Jericho and Soren as my technical advisers to look through all the patterns on Ravelry. I only know the pokemon that are in Pokemon Go, so they decided it was their duty to let me know which of the other pokemon patterns were both accurate and ‘good’ pokemon. I made Jigglypuff today because I had pink yarn that was the right colour, and because he looked easy (which turned out to be true). The finished product has exceeded my expectations though, it’s the cutest thing in the world and well worth the hours it took!

I also crocheted two snowflakes somewhat hastily this evening, since Jericho and Soren decided this afternoon (the night before the last day of school!) that they wanted to give their teachers gifts. I have to admit I could have done without this, but I love their teachers and so I tried to think of something we could do on short notice. Crocheted snowflake Christmas decorations seemed like it would work, although since I didn’t have crochet thread and had to use 8ply cotton/acrylic they’re pretty chunky snowflakes! They’ve been soaked in a glue and water mixture and are currently pinned out drying and look quite lovely – tomorrow we’ll add a loop of ribbon so it can be hung up.

Although really, I probably didn’t need to crochet anything. Since while I was doing it Jericho drew a picture of all his comic book characters celebrating Christmas to give to his teacher, and Soren made his teacher a bead bracelet with her name in alphabet beads! It was so cute actually, the bracelet was all Soren’s idea – he asked if he could look in the craft box and then I came out to find him with the alphabet beads trying to find the letters for ‘you’re great’. Which we couldn’t find, nor the letters for ‘best teacher’, so in the end he had to settle for her name.

Nicholai and Emma finished school for the year, which both of them are happy about. I think everyone is sick of school by now.

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